The practice of peace through nonviolent action is essential as we work to create a world in which all people are respected, honored, and treated with dignity. People who care must take action to confront the injustices that harm our human family. As we come to know our interconnectedness with all people and know that violence to anyone is harm to everyone, it is necessary to take action on behalf of ourselves and one another. In this spirit we will remedy the great challenges that we face.

Each of us has something to contribute in the work to end poverty, the wars being waged, the exploitation of people and the earth’s resources. We have both the power and responsibility to create a much better world. Nonviolent action is called for not out of a temporary circumstance, but because it is always necessary for the creation of justice, peace, and freedom.

Gandhi and other truth champions creates a course for humanity that honors the dignity of all beings. Through the lives and work of these teachers we have a proven road map for creating social justice.


It is essential that we educate ourselves and our communities in the power of nonviolence. We are organizing and committing ourselves to implement strategic and compassionate campaigns of nonviolent action. It is time to move out of patterns of apathy and distraction in order to create the Justice and Peace we envision for our lives and our world. Be Love is sharing with people the purpose, spirit, and methods of non-violence. We are empowering people to support and take nonviolent action. Your loving determination is essential to this effort.